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in the president's health care law. and the costs that are associated with it. among them, texas. where six million residents don't have health insurance. anna werner takes us there. >> more than half the patients at the health clinic in dallas are uninsured. nearly a third are on medicaid. the federally sponsored insurance program for the poor. dr. seuss and briner runs the clinic. who are these people that you're seeing? >> the people without health insurance in texas are the people who work at low-paying jobs, the people you would expect, you know, the people who work by the hour, who work in restaurants, who work in yards, who work in day cares. >> reporter: two million more low-income texans would be covered by med kaid expansion prescribed by the affordable care act but texas is refusing to participate. joining wisconsin, florida, and louisiana. texas would be eligible for $164 billion in federal aid to pay for the expansion through 2020. but lieutenant governor david dewhearst says texas' share of $27 billion would be a heavy burden. >> quite frankly, the med kaid system is broken and by sim
today in a challenge to texas' voter i.d. law. the law would require texans to show government-issued photo identification in order to vote. the u.s. justice department says this would keep thousands from voting and violates the voting rights act. more now from anna werner. >> reporter: college students demarieno hill and dominique monday are registering voters in houston's third ward, a place where many minorities aren't signed up to vote. >> thank you. >> okay, then. >> reporter: they don't like the new law. >> we already have an uphill struggle to encourage people to register so now when we tell them they have to jump through these hoops it's more of a struggle. >> reporter: the law requires texas' 13 million voters to present a photo i.d. at the polls and not just any photo i.d., only a driver's license, passport, military i.d., gun permit, or a state-issued identification card will be accepted. attorney general greg abbot says it's to combat election fraud. >> in this last election in may there were more than 200 votes cast for corpses and when you have dead people casting
about power. the angels' kendry morales got it from both sides of the plate. in the sixth at texas, he hammered a two-run left-handed blast to right field. in the same inning batting righty, he launched one to deep center for a grand slam. how do you do that? morales is only the third hitter to homer from both sides in the same inning. >>> to minneapolis, in the fifth, the twins made a leaping catch at the wall to rob alex rios of a home run. and jim carroll, the sac fly to left and alexei castas beat the throw at the plate. final there twins 7-6. >>> in cincinnati, the reds started off hot against the padres, jumping in front 3- 0. in the fifth, a double to the wall drove in three runs. the padres rolled past cincinnati 11-5, snapping the reds' ten-game win streak. >>> this has got to hurt. in seattle, jesus montero nailed the second-base umpire right in the side. oh! he tried to get out of the way. took a while, but he finally got back on his feet. he's feeling just fine. mariners, by the way, beat the blue jays 4-1. >>> at the cubs game in chicago, a very shaky wedding proposal. see
nothing in them that would prevent romney from being president. while campaigning in texas, the president touted a $1 billion plan for math and science teachers. the goal, to reward academic achievement and teachers with salary stipends, terrell? >>> tara mergener, thank you so much. >>> the united nations security council is scheduled to vote on a new plan to end the violence in syria. but russia, which holds veto power, opposes part of the plan which could lead to the use of military force. >>> rebel forces are holding their ground in the capital damascus in tense and sustained fighting is reported. the mandate of u.n. observer force in syria expires friday. >>> north korean leader kim jong-un has a new title. marshal. his position as overall commander of the military. he already has the title of supreme commander of the korean's people's army. on monday, the chief of north korea's army was dismissed. >>> back in this country, the fda approved a second weight loss drug yesterday. cue simian was approved for people with weight-related conditions, like high blood pressure or diabetes. it'
. >> the report says last year's record drought in texas was made roughly 20 times more likely because of man made climate change. specifically meaning warming that comes from greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. the study requested by noaa, the national oceanic and atmospheric administration looked at 50 years of weather data in texas and concluded that man made warming had to be a factor in the drought. the head of the climate office is tom carl. >> what we're seeing in texas and other phenomena and other parts of the world where we can't explain these events by natural variability alone. they're just too rare, too uncommon. >> aside from the texas drought, noaa called the entire year of 2011 the year of extreme weather events. >> on the ground. >> starting in joplin, missouri. all told, there were seven tornado outbreaks in america last year that caused a billion dollars or more in damages. there were increased hurricanes in the north atlantic. unprecedented flooding in australia and wide spreed drought in east africa. and all of that was caused by la nina. typically la nina is marked by a sha
on the ranch in texas tonight. >> reporter: jim selman's family has owned this 3,000 acre ranch near gonzales, texas, since 1861. the fields are green, but this is not grass. last year's drought killed it all. so the cattle won't touch this stuff even though it's green. >> even though it's green, it's not palatable to them. >> reporter: faced with shipping in expensive feed, selman sold off his entire herd-- 600 head of cattle. >> and now i have one cow and five calves that i could get out of the brush and i will get them sooner or later. >> reporter: in the last two years, texas ranchers have reduced their herds by 15%. the department of agriculture says the number of cat until the u.s. is at its lowest level in 60 years. that's propped up prices. the average price for a pound of ground beef is $3 a pound. that's a penny short of its record high. as this drought widens, as feed prices spike, beef producers can lose as much as $200 per animal, so more livestock producers are sending cattle to slaughter. the glut of meat will push beef prices down in the fall, but perdue university economist c
stop and we start with anna werner in texas with the dramatic pictures of how the country is suffering. >> reporter: times are hard on easy street. that's the name of this marine in in jonestown, texas. the falling water level has forced the owner to temporarily move his marina out to deeper water three times in six years. >> there's only so much you can take as a small business person when this is... this keeps happening over and over and over again. >> reporter: lake travis is not just for recreation, it's part of a network of reservoirs that supplies water to one million people in central texas. now it's more than half empty. nearly 30 feet below normal july levels. what are the consequences for you here as a marino that owner? >> huge financial consequences. everything you can imagine fwrrx loss of customers, loss of confidence in the management of the water in lake travis, it affects not just us but affects property owners. >> reporter: this summer, 80% of the u.s. is abnormally dry. grazing pastures are barren and brown across the nation's mid-section. the national weather servic
at the naacp's annual meeting in houston, texas with a message for black voters. >> if you want a president who will make things better in the african-american community, you are looking at him. >> reporter: about 90% of black voters are expected to support president obama in november, but romney says that support has not led to results. he points out while the u.s. unemployment rate is just over 8%, among blacks it's much higher, 14.4%. >> unemployment rate, the duration of unemployment, average income, median family wealth are all worse in the black community. >> reporter: romney believes staying focused on the economy can help him win in november and polls show the race is tightening. a new survey of voters nationwide shows romney just three points behind 46-43 -- 46% to 43%. president obama has been working to lock in his support in the battleground states. >> the stakes in this election could not be bigger. >> reporter: he traveled to iowa on tuesday trying to reignite the enthusiasm that led him to victory four years ago. >> i'm betting that you are going to be as fired up as you were in
the latest from san antonio, texas. >> reporter: her home state flag flew in her honor, as they gathered in san antonio to celebration her life. >> she in other words lived without passion, and she will not stop. >> reporter: there were tears for the 24-year-old with a passion for hockey. and some laughter, especially when this video played showing her a intern falling on the ice as she conducted her first interview. she survived a deadly shooting last month in toronto, but was one of the 12 killed when james holmes allegedly opened fire in a midnight showing of the new batman movie in aurora, colorado. >> let's not focus on him. let's do what we can to remember the victims, and share their stories. >> reporter: her brother -- >> this coward did this with this much hate? imagine what we can do with all our love. >> reporter: her family made it a point to remember the other victims, especially the ones who died protecting others. matt mick quinn was one of them. he was remembered in ohio saturday. the 27-year-old died protecting his girlfriend. >> his meet response was to protect the woma
to linger well into the fall. >> karen brown is investigating the impact starting in northern texas she discovered one happy crop that's thriving in the heat. >> reporter: here in the texas panhandle cliff bingham is turning dust into gold. >> does redding. >> reporter: the drought sucked the life out of most crops but the bingham family farm is a bright spot. how good is your crop this year? >> fantastic this year. we've got the quality and the quantity. >> reporter: bingham is growing grapes. they can tolerate droughts and in fact the heat makes them sweeter. they're so profitable, bingham uses most of his water for his vineyards leaving the cotton crop to survive on rain. so you can make ten times more off of these grapes than your cotton with the same amount of water. >> correct. >> reporter: in fact farmers doubt they'll make any profit on cotton this year. >> it is -- in a word finished. >> reporter: on jason coleman's farm the plants are small and the flowers on top a bad sign. >> they've waved the white flag of surrender, they're done and it's finished. >> reporter: analysts say
. >>> the president campaigns in texas today, mitt romney in pennsylvania. they've been exchanging sharp criticism over jobs. sara mergener is in washington this morning with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. that's right, no question, both of the candidates are very much on the attack now. mitt romney on the president's record in the white house and the president not giving up on romney's tenure at a private equity firm. president barack obama was feeling the love while watching the u.s. olympic men's basketball team monday night. he wasn't as friendly to mitt romney. during a campaign event in ohio monday, the president pushed a new study which says romney's tax plans would be bad for america. >> governor romney's economic plan would, in fact, break 800,000 jobs. there's only one problem, the jobs wouldn't be in america. >> reporter: this latest attack is a new spin on an old theme, that romney shipped jobs overseas while still the head of bain capital. romney, who's been trying to beat back the bain attack. >> what does this say about a president whose record is so
from the eastern dakotas across the lower great lakes to the ohio valley and from southwest texas to eastern california and north to wyoming. heavy monsoon rains could produce flash floods in southern arizona and new mexico. >>> in sports, serena williams two wins away from victory at wimbledon. quarterfinal action yesterday, williams made short work of her defeat. williams overpowered the czech champ with 13 aces to win in two sets. 6-3, 7-5. thursday, she faces australian open winner. >>> to baseball, baltimore at seattle, orioles left-hander had a four-run lead going into the seventh inning when there was a solo home run. baltimore's bullpen stumbled and the mariners tied it up. in the top of the ninth, a homer put the orioles back on top. they hold on for a 5-4 victory. milwaukee, second inning, the brewers maldonado slaps one to the mound. sanchez snags it behind his back for a 1-4-3 double play. all offense from there. reyes hit a solo homer to give the marlins a 12-11 lead. but ramirez answered with a two-run shot off miami closer keith bell. brewers get a walk-off win 13-1
and other utilities say help is on the way, repair crews from as far away as texas headed this way, should be on the streets later this week. this afternoon using my iphone spotted a crew at the corner of nebraska and everett street in northwest. customers throughout the area have complained that when they go online, there have been no signs of trucks in their neighborhood. >>> the big question is everyone's name tonight, when is my power coming -- mind tonight, when is my power coming back? pepco trucks have been spotted on river road in bethesda and that is where our ken molestina is live right now >> reporter: if you're talking to pepco officials, president of pepco tom graham was out here earlier and finally we'll see some of the pepco trucks coming into the neighborhoods. until now they have been working on what's called critical infrastructure, which are the substations, firehouses, hospitals, police departments and water facilities. over my shoulder you can see some of the work being done here along bradley and river in potomac just in front of congressional, the golf tournament ju
. >>> texas authorities are investigating a pickup truck crash that left 11 dead and 12 injured. a fort f-250 went off the road southeast of san antonio and hit two trees. police say 23 people were crowded into the truck's cabin bed, including some children. it's unclear what caused the crash. >>> it's judgment day for penn state. today the ncaa will levy sanctions against the school in the wake of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. cbs has learned that the sanctions are expected to be severe and unprecedented. ines ferre has the report. >> the bronze statue that once stood outside the stadium is gone. it was jackhammered from its foundation and hauled into storage on the eve of the university's judgment day. cbs news has learned penn state's football program will be spared the so-called death penalty, meaning it will not be suspended for a year or more. but a top ncaa officials said the penalties will include probation, loss of football scholarships, bans on bowl games and a hefty fine. >> when these sanctions are all said and done, penn state is going to wish they had the death penalty.
has its own unique style, texas you really got four different styles, you have east texas styles, sort of central texas, the bar ba co a tradition that is out of mexico and west texas tobacco cowboy style and make a case for kansas city has a very distinctive barbecue style as does kentucky which serves mutton and you can make a case that california has its own style as well. >> geez, we have almost as many barbecue styles as area codes. >> just about, we are getting there. >> and then there is the matter of sauce. >> we never saw, red sauce in texas and kansas city. >> mahogany color. >> there is only one place you will find white barbecue sauce, that is in northern alabama. the sauce was invented in 1925 at big bob gibson's barbecue. >> ken hass is the restaurant's manager. >> it is a mayonnaise based sauce with vinegar, black pepper, and a bunch of secrets i am not allowed to tell you. >> but according to moss, all those different styles and sauces date only to the turn of the 20th century. when barbecue moved from the pit to the restaurant. >> the very first mcdonald's served barbe
have something kind of interesting to show you from arlington texas ballpark yesterday afternoon. this scared everybody to death. take a look. >> in realtime this is what happened here. >> oh. >> they left the field. players said okay, we're done. >> sounded like a cannon going off. >> seriously. any time you hear thunder you have to take cover and neff should not have been on the field there. -- thieved not have been on the field there. -- they should not have been on the field there. >> let's talk about our temperatures, finally got a break but look at this. 100 on thursday and friday, 105 saturday, just missed the all time record high by one and 102 yesterday. i think we'll end up about 86 today, even below average. our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, 86 right now, dew point 59. that's fantastic. you could probably open the windows if you're in the burbs tonight. winds easterly at 11, pressure 29.94 beginning to rise. live doppler 9000 shows showers and a few thunderstorms south of fredericksburg. i'll keep the chance of a shower in for a little while. the
week. >> pelley: spring comes and we do it again. thanks very much, dean. texas has also been in a drought. but now there is too much water in some places. one woman abandoned her car in waste deep water on a flooded interstate in san antonio. flood watches and warnings are up again tonight across southeast texas. what may have set off a deadly avalanche in france. david martin suits up to find out what's causing f-22 pilots to get sick in flight. and the fish are biting in south carolina when the "cbs evening news" continues.ur nt by what's getting done. the twenty billion dollars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through. do you often experience the feeling of a dry mouth? it can be the si
the south. lots of activity. scattered in texas. austin, texas picked up 10 inches of rain in a few hours in the heavy thunderstorms just the other day. the scattered thunderstorms across the deep south, the tennessee valley into the carolinas, look at all the rain that's been falling down there. we're just to the north of this big area of rainfall and we're going to see the main rains stay off to our south. for us isolated shower or storm but really going to be in pennsylvania, the mountains i think a better chance today than around here as temperatures make a run into the upper 80s, close to 90. looking at the forecast the next three days, 89 today, stray thunderstorm. i think rain chances 20%, 30%. tonight we're dipping back into the 70s. some upper 60s in the suburbs. tomorrow 89. a dry day but 90 on friday, chance for an afternoon storm. then temperatures are creeping upwards. over the weekend low to mid-90s even by sunday with scattered afternoon storms. then mid-90s monday and tuesday. chance of storms on monday. 4:46. monika samtani, good morning. >>> good morning. happy birthday,
... from dallas, texas, the flash apparently official. >> pelley: anthony mason reports on the moments that americans call the most memorable in television history. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. gunfire took down three more people last night in chicago. homicides in america's third-largest city are up 38% this year. almost all of them casualties in the gang war. but the victims are not all gang members. innocent children are being shot. monday mayor rahm emanuel said this: . >> you got two gang bangers, one standing next to a kid. get away from that kid. take your stuff to the alley. don't touch the children of the city of chicago. don't get her near them. >> pelley: the gangs didn't get the message. last night three children were shot-- a 12-year-old girl, a 14-year-old boy and 13-year-old tishona poke. she was shot in a leg in a city park. crime is down in chicago in all categories except this surge in homicides. what's driving the violence? we asked dean reynolds to help us find out. >> almost all of the violen
in texas and it was so hot just like it is now, the ballpark was the coolest place in town. so we went to see the dodgers farm club team, the fort worth caps and went every night just to stay cool. and so that, you know, once you get the bug, you have got it. harold this is a great year for baseball. we have had some great surprises among the teams, and we have had some great young ball players. i mean, which are the lifeblood of this sport that we all hike. who do you like among these kids this year that we are just learning about? >> well, it really has been a great year i think the number two guy that stand out are mike trout from the angels and obviously bryce harper in your hometown in washington, these two have taken the season by storm, trout 20 years old, harper 19, and i always tell bryce harper when i see him you there justin bieber of baseball, we learned about him on the internet, home run derbies and he has lived up to the hype so that is just a crack in the surface of how many young players we have that have just been unbelievable, this all-star game we have got 30 player
is headed for republican territory looking to collect $4 million at a handful of fund raising stops in texas. >> president barack obama. >> reporter: monday he took in an olympic exhibition basketball game after hammering mitt romney at a town hall in ohio. >> governor romney's plan would actually encourage companies to shift more of their operations to foreign tax havens creating 800,000 jobs in those other countries. >> reporter: the president told voters in cincinnati there have never been two more different visions for the country. >> you're the tie breaker. the choice is up to you. >> reporter: mitt romney is campaigning in the swing state of pennsylvania today trying to take the focus off his business record and put it on the president's economic record. >> i think it's finally time for us to talk about his record, the kind of failure he's had and being able to create jobs, to get rising incomes again. >> reporter: even some republicans have started to say obama's attacks focusing on romney's time as c.e.o. of bain capital are sticking to the g.o.p. candidate like velcro. but other rom
, north texas, little rock. yesterday they were 111. a lot of heat here. i'm telling new because some of that is going to break off and head toward us as we head toward the weekend. not going to be hundreds but well back in the 90s with this ridge here. all the heat, showers and storms, very powerful storms across parts of alabama, west florida, even coming out of michigan. so we've got the spotty showers on the future cast for the afternoon. lack at the storms in the mountains march toward the east this evening. 6:00 p.m. not everybody is going see the rain, and i know many folks need it. we're still seven and a half inches below normal since january 1st here in d.c. tonight things settle down, then tomorrow looks like the rain is going to be a little bit more weighed spread. so a better chance for showers and storms areawide tomorrow than today. then we're going to start to dry out and warm up. so about 81 today. yellow alert because some of us are going to be impacted by these storms where it may mess up an afternoon or evening plan to get outside. tonight we're dipping into the 70
: the president will hold fund-raiser in texas. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> a romney adviser says no final decision has been made about a running mate but there is speculation he could name him or her this week. >>> federal officials announced new safety standards for rail systems nationwide. that includes our own metro. among the standards are crash worthy rail cars, data recorders or black boxes on trains and work rules including hours of service limits designed to make sure employees are well rested. transit agencies that do not meet the guidelines could lose their federal grant money. >>> still ahead on 9 news, they look like dumbbells, but these amazing little robots can sprout legs and fight crime. we'll show you how they team up with the local cops in the most dangerous situations. >>> also ahead, exciting news from the fda. 9 wants you to know about a breakthrough plan that can prevent hiv infections. i'm matt jablow. that story straight ahead. >> in tonight's health alert, it's being called one of the most significant medical milestones in the 30-year fight against h
will be dry. the heat will be on from kansas to north texas. and the lower mississippi valley highs will be in the high 90s and 100s. >>> a solid showing for team usa in basketball. kevin durant led the way with 22 points, lebron james had a victory. tomorrow in swimming, dana vollmer set a new world record while taking the gold in the women's 100 meter butterfly. but the french winning the gold as the americans settle for silver. that silver is the 17th for michael phelps' career. here the the medal count. china leading the way with 12 total, including 6 gold. the u.s. in second with 11 total. italy, south korea and france round out the top five. in doing so, she set a con sective medal record back in 1996 when she was still a teenager. >> reporter: she wore a smile and a new gold medal after accomplishing what no american never had. she's the first to win medals in five consecutive olympic games in a non-team sport. >> it's just overwhelming. it's just something like you're pinching yourself. is this real? it's just incredible. it just seems like a dream. there's just no words to
in texas but because of financial stress, he had to move in with an adult cousin. he was reduced to being a live- in nanny or house boy just doing chores and not going to school. that's when he realized his education was a top priority. >> i don't want things to go wrong with me and i focus on my education. >> reporter: when he enrolled in public high school in falls church, the school social worker realized he was homeless. he was referred to the alternative house and through their homeless youth initiative, he now shares a home with three roommates. >> my roommates ask about my education. i know they care about me. >> the rent is partially subsidized. he pays $150 a month with the money he turns while working at sears part-time. >> my manager always care about me. >> last year the homeless youth initiative helped 17 high school students earn their diplomas. >> it's been phenomenally successful. it takes kids who probably would have to drop out of school to feed themselves and gets them the high school diploma and the support they need to go on to education and employment. >> in africa,
is addressing the naacp's annual convention being held in houston, texas. biden got a rousing welcome this morning unlike the reception that republican mitt romney received yesterday. >> when the economy was about to go over the cliff, i watched him make some of the toughest decisions any president has had to make since franklin delano roosevelt. he saved the nation's financial system and in doing so he prevented a worldwide depression. it wasn't a popular decision, but it was a essential decision and he was right. >> yesterday romney was booed by the same crowd when he said that he would eliminate nonessential programs, including president obama's health care reform law. mitt romney did hear polite applause when he spoke about helping the middle class. >>> in 2008 republican presidential candidate john mccain got just 4% of the african-american vote. >>> what's happening with congressman jesse jackson, jr. new information from his office is not putting to rest questions his absence from work. right now he is on medical leave. danielle nottingham reports many people on capitol hill ne
. the heaviest rain is likely in florida, north carolina and west texas. brief downpours could produce flash flooding in parts of the desert southwest. near triple digit heat in the midwest and plains. >>> in sports, the reds are on a roll. scott roland is one of the reasons why. cincinnati fans arrived looking for a sweep of the cardinals. in the eighth they got what they came for. the reds held on for a 4-2 win. a three-game sweep of st. louis. their sixth straight victory. first inning at yankee stadium. a bat went flying into the stands and lookie who comes up with it. spike lee. he pops up places, doesn't he? >> of course, he shows off his swing for the crowd. he got to keep that bat. before that, though, top of the first, angels slugger albert pujols hit a solo home run to put l.a. up by two. minutes later, alex rodriguez tying the score for the yankees with a two-run shot of his own. 10-8. a-rod up to bat with the bases loaded. he popped up missing his chance to win the game and to top the great lou gehrig for most grand slams in major league history. in kansas city, white sox slugger
like last night, doesn't it. a lot of showers through texas, along the gulf coast and the southeast. that is where the front is. it was stationary yesterday. it is a cold front now which means it's actually moving a little further south. it's going to move back to the north, though, over the weekend as a warm front will usher in some hotter air and increase our chances for showers and storms on a more widespread bases as we go through saturday and sunday. this is the thunderstorm that developed inside the beltway. it stretched over to mclane and some very heavy rain with the one thunderstorm and that's about it. tonight some fog during the morning commute is possible. mr. bernstein will be here at 4:25 in the morning. we'll have more sun than today. upper 80s again. isolated thunderstorm is still possible. and much like today, well, if they form, they may have some heavy rain associated with them. this one had no wind or no hail, so it was not severe. all right. overnight, mostly cloudy. mild. some thunderstorms ending. fog developing. 66 to about 74. and winds out of the southeast
back heal. in the american league orioles jason hammel lost out to texas pitcher hugh darvish. now that this voting hoopla is over the nationals can focus on the game to have a chance to bring out the broom against the giants. matt cain takes the mound for san fran. ross detwiler starts for washington. >>> the capitals keeping a core player, center mathieu perreault agreed to a new two- year deal worth $2 million. last year he played 64 games racking up 14 goals and 16 assists. they resigned jay beagle to a three-year extension. >>> bounty gate is far from over. the nfl players association today filed a lawsuit against the league claiming commissioner roger goodell is incurably and evidently biased. the suit is trying to overturn a suit by hargrove and fujita. the suit claims goodell violated the collective bargaining agreement by not providing them with critical evidence. jonathan bile -- jonathan vilma is in a separate lawsuit of his own. >>> you will now see what the referees are seeing during a video review. fans will see exactly what the refs are seeing while they're seeing i
combined. more showers and storms from texas along the southeast. why? they have been there a couple days. the same front that slips south of us sunday night and monday that broke us from the hundreds and knocked us back into the 80s. it's going to be the focus of showers and storms. up to the north and west of us, around hagerstown and cumberland. quite frankly, they died out all together. i don't see a shower in the metro area. we'll keep it together. the air mass is dry and it is also stable. temperature wise, it is pretty nice. 84 in bethesda. 83 in vienna. 84 in fairfax. a little warmer out toward laurel. 88 and 87 in college park. but again, humidity is not bad. so, just warm through friday. seasonal temperatures. isolated thunderstorm possible tonight. still seasonal thursday. seasonal friday. the heat begins to roll back in here on saturday. nothing crazy on saturday. gets crazier as we get into next week. so for tonight, early shower or thunderstorm west of town. otherwise partly cloudy and mild. mid 60s and low 70s. winds southeast at 10. so if you're in the suburbs tonight, you
bernatchy. nancy pelosi, 35 million, freel 10, kenny marchand, republican, texas, 16 million v. the 10 richest members of the house >>> question, what do these rich house numbers tell you? >> it's easier to run for office when you have that cushion of some wealth, although interestingly, a lot of self-funding really rich candidates fail, because they think because i'm rich, and i've succeeded at something else, i can jump into politics and be a success at that when actually having experience in politics help. and two, it really helps to have to go out and raise money, because that's another way you get -- >> do you think that you really must have a cushion, a financial cushion in your life, before you can make a political run, not to pay for campaign, but to pay for everything else? follow me? >> i've recommended, young people ask, and i say before you go into politics, get yourself a business or a calling or a vocation that you can fall back on when you lose. otherwise, if you get into politics -- >> what about regulating the use of money in political campaigns? >> i'm not for that bu
out to texas for a little practice. they said that it really helps them bond as a unit. well, we got to see the hard work in action today on the field and rg3 was not totally perfect. but until every play that they need to go over there and they would have a little conference before starting the next play. and really, well, no surprise for you. and how much rg3 is trying to learn the offense, they need to learn the playbook. we've been seeing that since they first stepped food here in ashburn and extremely impressed with them. >> well, being in this game for, well, you know, a number of years now. and you kind of, well, can tell when you meet guys that will have it and they will have that. they are just on the way that they needed to carry themselves. >> that's by the way that they rode up in droves. to run the offense. and he is doing a fantastic job. >> reporter: now, like i said, today is the first day of full practice. everyone is shaking up the red sox to get used to the heat. fans are excited. this will be different from years in the past. usually they will do the heavy lifting
any thunderstorms tonight. satellite picture, radar combined, tons of storms from texas across the southeast. up into tennessee and kentucky and as far north as southern sections of virginia. stationary. this is the same front that moves south of us on monday. that broke our heat wave. going to move back to the north as a warm front. a few storms earlier, up in the mountains. and inbetween hagerstown and cumberland. they have died out completely. 82 bethesda. 82 in arlington. this is fantastic. 87 in rockville. low 80s in fairfax. 87 in college park and 84 up in laurel. so we're looking at really just warm air through friday. maybe an isolated thunderstorm from time to time. but seasonal on thursday. seasonal on friday. the heat will roll in again on saturday. just sort of the beginning of a little bit of a heat wave. early shower or storm tonight. primarily in the mountains. 64 to 72. winds southeast at 10. you might open the windows in the suburbs. we're looking a the temperatures. 68 in rockville. low 70s downtown. uncomfortable downtown, but 68 in reston and 68 tonight in f
texas. >> to target some of the country's wealthiest donors and his latino and gay supporters. the president argued that his opponent believes prosperity comes from the top down. >> i believe in fighting on behalf of working families and giving them opportunity. >> danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> the obama campaign following romney up to pennsylvania with a one-day tv ad, slamming the former governor's refusal to release more than two years of his personal tax returns. >>> an outburst of family violence sents a woman and her husband to the hospital after being shot by her son who turned her gun on himself. this went down early this morning. leaving the neighborhood in shock. >> i'm scott broom in waldorf where a former high school librarian and her husband were shot and wounded by her own 33- year-old son. from sky 9 this morning just after dawn, charles county authorities in an armored vehicle prepare to assault the home where the shooting happened. once inside, they found the body of 33-year-old shay proctor, who had apparently shot himself with a handgun a
over a decade's time. sandusky was convicted last month on 51 charges. >>> the teenager from texas has reached the white house carrying quite a burden. he walked all the way here carrying a cross. his name is junior garcia. he has been walking on behalf of a charitable campaign. it's nationally assemblies of god program that raises money to buy cars for missionaries. >>> well, more than 17 people needed to be rescued this morning after a fire broke out in a burtonsville apartment building. >> helping dozens of residents displaced by an early morning fire that flaired up. hours after this early morning three-alarm fire was apparently extinguished. firefighters had to rush back and do it all over again. cleanup crews and residents had been trying to salvage anything they could. >> anything i could get out. >> instead, they had to scramble to safety a second time. while firefighters tried to douse the stubborn pockets of fire under the rubble. the original fire began at 7:30 this morning in this resident's apartment. dozens of people were trapped on their balconies and had to be rescue
of texas and he said yesterday, no matter who you are or what office you're running for, you should be as transparent as you can be. do you disagree with governor perry? >> well, norah, i heard the clip you played just before i came on. his words were within reason. i think releasing a few years or two years plus the one coming up is reasonable given the past practice. >> i mean, there is this. that is, the governor who can is simply answer all the critics of those who say he has something to hide. then move on to the economy. the issue he wants to talk about. >> well, charlie, look, the fact is when you have the tax returns that are released, a lot of information comes out understandable, but there's no credible claim that mitt romney's done anything wrong. >> why not let him prove that and show that he, like other candidates, is prepared to show you exactly the kind of tax rate he had been paying and why. and that, in fact, he's proud of the success that he has had as an earner, as a business executive and as someone who has achieved american success. >> well, i don't think there'
students in texas and say nearly all the girls and half the boys who sent photos did so even though the request bothered them. the study said teens who sent nude photos were more likely to have had sex compared to teens who don't take part in sexting. >>> here's a look at the question of the morning. >>> four decades ago most people did this. but today only 20% say they still do. is it drive a stick shift, change your own tire or write a letter? >> what do you think? go to wusa9's facebook fan page and we'll have the answer in our 6:00 show. we'll be right back. good morning everyone. everyone sitting in the upper 60s, 70 degrees. our winds today will be predominantly out of the south. we are warming up all the way into the middle 90s by later on this afternoon. monika? >>> if you are planning to head outside right now you'll find the volumes are light and good news for 66 drivers. no hov restrictions inside the beltway today. and none at all tomorrow fourth of july. >>> major changes are coming to the athletics program at the university of maryland. seven sports have been discontin
excuses. get the job done. get somebody here who will do it. import them from anywhere, canada, texas, afghanistan. >> wreckage here is extraordinary. snapped utility poles, downed wires, and a neighborhood of 1400 customers who are getting increasingly fed up with pepco's communication failures. >> . >> it's really frustrating because we don't have power. i wish they would get their act together. >> i got a robo call and i got the notification on my app that there were no power outages anymore in my area. >> so pam miller and her elderly mother canceled their hotel reservations for the rest of the week. >> i canceled my hotel reservations and took her back to her house, neither one of us had power. >> they are not communicating properly with their public. >> the residents here are still in the dark. probably because of a secondary outage. one that has since been recorded. in silver spring, ann degree jay mccarren, 9news now. >> thomas graham joined me on 9news now at 6:00 to talk about all this. he says the utility was always clear about when everybody's power would be coming
, numerous across the south from the gulf coast and texas going back to the deep south. we had a lot of activity yesterday afternoon and evening. diminished somewhat during the overnight but still storms going pretty strong there in western north carolina this morning as that boundary is down there. not moving much. in fact, i don't expect to see much activity today although a stray storm can't be ruled out. you see the elevation, the mountainous areas are going to have a better chance than around here. tonight partly cloudy. then tomorrow again a mix of sun and clouds. looks like up in the mountains of pennsylvania much better chance we'll see something on thursday but i do think by friday a few more storms work their way toward us. so your forecast 89 today. stray storm. partly sunny skies. tonight we'll be back in the low 70s in town. 60s north and west. near 90 tomorrow. 90 friday. could be a couple of storms friday. the heat is going to creep back over the weekend. 92 saturday. some afternoon storms. sunday 94. then mid-90s as we head into early next week. 5:18. monika samtani c
died. the 34-year-old became famous playing jefferson. he died at his home in el paso, texas. no word on a cause of death. >> coming up, the national zoo's three month oldcheetah cub gets to show off to the public for the first time. >> mitt romney switches from the economy to a new line of attack on president obama. i'm danielle nottingham in washington. i'll have the story coming up. >>> as mitt romney prepares for an overseas trip, he is launching an assault on president obama's policy. the candidate used the speech before the veteran's to make his case. >> it's the same place where the president touted his national security record on monday. danielle nottingham reports. >> mitt romney took the stage at a veteran's conference in reno, ready to attack president obama's record as commander in chief. >> he has given trust where it is not earned, insult where it was not deserved and apology where it is not due. >> romney questioned the president's leadership for publicizing details about military operations in iraq and afghanistan. >> whoever provided classified information to t
. >> dangerous heat on the way. 9 weather alert code may go from yellow to red. >>> a texas grad student is in critical condition tonight after being mauled by two chimps at a sanctuary for abused chimps in south africa. the 26-year-old university of texas student was leading a tour at the time. those two chimps attacked andrew after he tried to retrieve a rock within their enclosure. witnesses say eberly climbed into a no go zone. doctors are treating overly and they are optimistic about his recovery. >>> children are in trouble with the law in england. after allegedly trying to snatch the olympic plane. it happened this morning, five national health service workers were running through the city when two boys somehow managed to evade security. they tried to grab the torch, but security guards ushered them away. >>> after alec baldwin and his 38-year-old yoga instructor are husband and wife. the actor married thomas over the weekend. among the guests, tina fey, and robert f. kennedy jr. baldwin was previously married to kim. they have a daughter who was also there. the reception took pla
. they were isolated across the region. but right over a populated area. texas, the gulf coast, deep south numerous showers and storms yesterday. this morning into parts of the western carolinas is where we're seeing the thunderstorms set up. i expect a slim chance for a storm today and tomorrow. maybe picking up a little bit as we head toward friday and the weekend. so today 89. tonight we'll be back in the 70s in town. 60s north and west. stray storm today. i think a dry thursday 89 but a few storms friday afternoon around 90. heat starts to creep back in saturday 92 with afternoon thungdzer. sunday 94 with storms. looks like could be some of thosicky mid-90s with a couple of storms by early next week. 6:19. let's go to monika with time saver traffic. >>> hbhb. >> charchg you, monika-- >> thank you, monika. >> you'll have to check out my facebook page to find out what that means. there is an accident and our sky 9 is headed over there to check it out. i will show you what it looks like as soon as we get that shock. on the northbound side of 95 no problems to report. just a couple of slow
extreme weather events like last year's drought in texas, and man-made climate change. a new study found that man-made heat made the texas drought roughly 20 times more likely. >> there definitely is a connection between greenhouse gases and extreme weather. we're seeing very strong evidence to suggest that not all, but many of the extremes that we're seeing around the planet are being enhanced by greenhouse gases. >> and every day in this record setting heat takes more of jeff fischer's crop and his livelihood away. >> it's stressful. it's stressful on myself and my family, my father and i. this is a family farm. and we've watched it go down and down and down. >> reporter: noaa scientists, meanwhile, are not saying that climate change causes any one specific drought like the one in illinois. they are saying the science is good enough now, they can lay odds on the connection. lee and erica? >> wyatt andrews, thank you. >>> security for this month's london olympics is a massive operation as you can imagine. on tuesday, some residents who found themselves on the frontlines of olympic secur
. >> plus, we'll check and see if any of the rain that caused these flash floods in texas is coming our way. >> okay birthday time. let's see who's celebrating -- >> we'll be right back. happy birthday if this is your day too. >>> sunday morning on "biocentury this week," will biotech venture capitalists continue digging into their own pockets to keep companies afloat? we crunch the numbers on "biocentury this week" sunday morning at 8:30, why should our wallets tell us what our favorite color is? every room deserves to look great. and every footstep should tell us we made the right decision. so when we can feel our way through the newest, softest, and most colorful options... ...across every possible price range... ...our budgets won't be picking the style. we will. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. make room for savings with $37 basic installation on martha stewart living and platinum plus carpet. >>> good morning and welcome back to 9news now. it is 5:45 and always happy to say it's friday. happy to have anny hong here and she has our weekend forecast. >> happ
thunderstorms throughout the day. strong storms with heavy rain and some hail are likely from southern texas to the carolinas. the northeast and midwest will be dry except for thunderstorms in the ohio valley. in the west, isolated thunderstorms could cause flash flooding from southeastern california to montana. >>> and in sports, pre-olympics basketball in las vegas. team usa versus the dominican republic. the nba superstars dominated, including lebron james an alley oop on a pass from darrin williams. kevin durant's three-point jumper, part of his 24 of the night. camillo anthony's -- they doubled the dominican score. 113-59. >>> not all olympic competitors have two legs. some use four. for hundreds of years, for actually 100 years, the elegant horse and rider event called dressage has been part of the olympics. this year, even in london, the u.s. team can't escape entirely from politics at home. a horse linked to mitt romney and his wife will be in the mix. randall pinkston reports. >>ian abling used to be afraid of horses, but now the german-born rider and his horse& are training for the
receivers to waco, texas, to work out with him. the efforts didn't go unnoticed. >> just something that guys generally don't do, getting the guys together in waco. that's big time. >> it really makes you feel good. evenen in a short time, i think we've built great relationships, and the leaders are stepping up. >> reporter: so he's doing everything you would hope a franchise qb would, but let's not forget he is just a rookie. let us also not forget the manning brothers, freed, and brady, none of them finished .500 in their rookie campaigns. there will be growing pains. what remains to be seen, whether griffin can keep his poise. >> success for me, winning football games. definitely more than one, more than two, more than three. we've just got to go out and play, let your play do the talking. >> with him, he has the right mentality as far as his preparations so he's going to be a good player for us. >> he handles himself extremely well. he's got a lot of charisma. very smart. works extremely hard. he is going to do everything he can to make himself the best player. that's contagious to a foot
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